We offer a variety of bulk ground spices, such as basil, oregano, cardamom, cinnamon, allspice, and thyme. We also offer custom blending to help your recipes achieve perfection!

Most items 25 lb bulk and up. (Batch packaging available)
Allspice Ground B
Anise Ground
Basil Ground
Basil Sweet Fine
Bay Leaves Ground
Caraway Ground
Cardamom Ground A
Celery Seed Ground
Chili Pepper Ground California
Chili Pepper Ground Mexicali
Chili Pepper Ground New Mexico
Chili Pepper Ground S – P
Cinnamon Ground Korintji A (2% V.O.)
Cinnamon Ground Korintji B (1.5% V.O.)
Cinnamon Ground Saigon
Cinnamon K – A Course Ground (2% V.O.)
Cloves Ground
Coriander Ground
Cumin Ground
Fennel Ground
Fenugreek Ground
Ginger Ground A
Gumbo File
Mace Ground
Marjoram Ground
Nutmeg Ground E.I.
Oregano Ground Mediterranean
Oregano Ground Mexican
Parsley Flake Large Leaf Italian
Parsley Flakes
Parsley Shredded
Pepper Cracked Black (8 Mesh)
Pepper Course Ground Black D/F (12 Mesh)
Pepper Ground Black D/F (14 -16 Mesh)
Pepper Ground Black D/F (18 -20 Mesh)
Pepper Ground Black D/F (28 Mesh)
Pepper Ground Black (50 Mesh)
Pepper Ground Black (80 Mesh)
Pepper Ground White
Pepper Crushed Red Regular
Pepper Crushed Red Sausage Type
Pepper Cayenne Extra Hot
Pepper Cayenne
Pepper Ground Red A
Psyllium Ground 40 Mesh ST
Rosemary Ground
Rosemary Cut and Sifted
Sage Rubbed
Sage Ground
Savory Ground
Thyme Ground French
Thyme Ground Spanish
Turmeric Ground Alleppey