Facilities and Capabilities
Our true strength is our quality control, which we consider one of the most important aspects of our overall operations.

Spice Products Company maintains over 12,000 square feet of laboratory
space – for Product Analysis, Microbiological Testing, In-Process Quality Control, Tracking, Research & Development, Test Kitchen and Consumer Testing Facility. Staffed by a team of 12 technicians, chemists, microbiologists and food technologists, we can meet any technical challenge in the field of spices and seasonings.

We can assist you with all of your quality spice and seasoning blends – whether you are working with whole re-cleaned spices, ground spices, stock blends, proprietary blends or custom products. Equipped with a host of modern grinders, sizing apparatuses, and packaging machinery, Spice Products Company can handle nearly any spice-related project to your exacting specifications.

Bulk and Refrigerated Storage
Our Torrance manufacturing and warehouse facility has over 160,000 square feet, enabling us to effectively manage inventories and production with a high degree of efficiency. In addition, we have over 50,000 square feet of refrigerated storage to assure freshness, both before and after processing.

Product Analysis
All incoming raw spices are inspected for compliance with standard requirements. Almost all analyses are carried out by The Official Methods of Analysis of the American Spice Trade Association (ASTA). and The Official Methods of Analysis of the AOAC. Spice Products Company has also developed its own requirements, mandating that any off-standard material is rejected, and marginal lots are reworked if necessary. Those falling into an acceptable range are graded by the various quality attributes before stocking. These requirements ensure that our products meet a higher quality standard than is required by the American Spice Trade Association.

Among our laboratory analysis equipment are gas chromatograph, high performance liquid chromatograph, UV-visible spectrophotometer, laser diffraction particle analyzer, Karl-Fischer titrator, Agtron and reflectance spectrophotometer for color characterization by CIE L*a*b*.

Microbiological Testing
In addition to standard required tests, our microbiological lab examines samples for all major pathogenic indicators and spoilage micro-organisms. These examinations may be required for due diligence purposes, to ensure product safety or to check hygiene during processing. Our microbiological lab handles all documentation to meet government compliance as well as your own requirements. After testing is completed, our customers are provided a complete certificate of analysis, detailing all aspects of testing.

In-Process Lab
Quality control at Spice Products Company is one of the most important aspects of our overall operation. Each production run is carefully monitored by examining random samples during processing to ensure that the correct formula is used and that the finished product meets or exceeds your quality specifications. Library samples are cataloged and placed in cold storage as retained samples for further review as needed.

Every batch, in the case of batch-wise processing, is sampled and analyzed. Off-standard batches are rejected. Similarly, a composite sample of finished products processed during a specific period of time, in the case of continuous processing, is subject to the same handling by our quality control group.

Research & Development
Let us assist you in developing proprietary blends or custom flavor profiles. If you provide us with target samples, complete formulas or just concept ideas, we are able to work with your R & D team to provide product matches for bench testing and production trial runs. Proprietary formulas and product development are held in strict confidence.

Test Kitchen & Consumer Testing Facilities
When needed, our test kitchen is used for sensory evaluation for new products. We conduct blind test evaluations of products that are in the development stages. This facility and procedure allow us to sample a wide variety of taste preferences when subtle flavor profiles are being fine-tuned.