Quality Standards and Capabilities
Quality control and food safety are the most important aspects of our overall operations.

We conduct Physical, Microbiological, and Chemical Analysis on all of our products and maintain traceability from ingredients to finished product. In addition to quality control, our staff performs Research & Development and consumer testing.

Equipped with a host of grinders, sizing apparatuses, and packaging machinery,we can assist you with all of your quality spice and seasoning blends – whether you are working with whole re-cleaned spices, ground spices, stock blends, proprietary blends, or custom products.

Product Analysis
All incoming raw spices are inspected for compliance with American Spice Trade Association (ASTA) specifications and FDA BAM. Certificates of Analysis are provided.

Research & Development
We can assist you in developing proprietary blends or custom flavor profiles. If you provide us with target samples, complete formulas or just concept ideas, we can work with your product development or sales team to provide product matches for bench testing and production trial runs. Proprietary formulas are kept confidential.