Our whole spice selections includes: chili pods, cilantro, dill seed, anise, poppy seeds, cloves, ginger, tarragon, and a variety of others. We can custom blend our whole spices for all your needs!

Most items 25 lb bulk and up. (Batch packaging available)
Allspice Whole B Recleaned
Anise Whole Recleaned
Basil Whole Sweet Domestic
Bay Leafs Whole Select
Caraway Whole
Celery Seed Whole Recleaned
Chili Pods Whole Hot
Chipotle Chili Pepper
Cilantro Large Leaf Dehydrated
Cloves Whole Recleaned
Coriander Whole Recleaned
Cumin Whole Recleaned
Dill Seed Whole Recleaned
Dill Weed Whole
Fennel Seed Whole Recleaned
Ginger Whole Peeled
Marjoram Whole Recleaned
Mint Leaves Whole
Mustard Seed Whole #1 Yellow
Oregano Whole Mediterranean
Oregano Whole Greek Cut A
Oregano Whole Mexican A
Pepper Whole Black Recleaned
Pepper Whole White Recleaned
Poppy Seed Whole
Psyllium Whole Husk 85%
Rosemary Whole Recleaned
Savory Whole Recleaned
Sesame Seed Whole
Tarragon Whole
Thyme Whole French Recleaned
Thyme Whole Spanish Recleaned